Teach Your Child Cursive Writing

CursiveLogic is a 96-page, full color workbook that contains both the teacher instructions and the student practice pages. The first portion of each lesson teaches students to write each CursiveLogic letter string through a five-step process (only the first step is pictured here). After learning the string, student can move immediately to writing connected letter groups and real words. And, after finishing the four lessons, students will be able to write the entire lowercase alphabet and to connect letters fluidly.

While teaching the students to write the lowercase alphabet is the main purpose of CursiveLogic, the workbook also contains instruction in forming each capital letter. Students then practice cursive by tracing and then writing famous historical sayings.

In addition to consumable practice pages, the workbook contains three dry-erase surfaces that recap all of CursiveLogic’s key exercises needed to learn and practice the four CursiveLogic letter strings. With these dry-erase pages, students can review again and again and will never need another cursive handwriting workbook.

For additional practice, subscribe the CursiveLogic newsletter, where we regularly send printable practice pages. To use these pages most effectively, have your student use the String Practice dry-erase page to quickly trace each string before beginning the practice page.