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Expert Opinion

“Turns out cursive is not all that hard to master, but it took the people at CursiveLogic to show us the way. . . . This is a completely different approach but it makes perfect sense and it works!”

— The National Parenting Center, Read More

“I hope this book can keep cursive in the school curriculum. Educators no longer have the excuse that cursive is too hard to learn and that they can’t find teachers who can teach it. Write on!”

William R. Klemm DVM, Senior Prof. Neuroscience Texas A&M, Read More

“I appreciate the efficiency of CursiveLogic. While it should be especially helpful for older students, I think this approach should work well for students of all ages.”

—Cathy Duffy, curriculum specialist, Read More

CursiveLogic is FAST

“The prep time for teaching cursive this way is pretty much zero. The cost of the CursiveLogic workbook is super reasonable. The method of teaching cursive presented in this material is logical and easy to understand. I give this curriculum two thumbs up.”

─ Edie Carter, Mother of a 10-year-old girl, Read More

“It took him a full 6 months to learn to print the alphabet, so I certainly wasn’t expecting him to learn cursive in less than 10 days! [W]hile his skills have grown quickly, his confidence has grown even faster.”

Meg Falciani, Mother of a 7-year-old boy with Autism Spectrum Disorder, Read More

“By the end of the workbook, my son was moving through the lessons in no time. He was really proud of himself by the time he could write his name smoothly and evenly!”

─ Brandy Brockhausen, Mother of a middle school boy, Read More

“She has learned more in the few shorts weeks that she has been using it, than she has with any other cursive writing program we ever used in the past. Her cursive handwriting has made HUGE improvements.”

─ Renita Kuehner, Mother of an elementary age girl, Read More

“This was a super simple program for my boys to learn and they successfully learned to write cursively in just over a week! I can’t say enough about this program! If you are looking for an easy and effective program for teaching cursive you really need to have a look at this one!”

─ Tammy Barclay, Mother of 10- and 13-year-old boys, Read More


“Kaden finished the whole entire 95+ pages in about three weeks. I love that it’s divided up nicely to where you can do a few pages or a little more if you want. Kaden was so impressed with how his handwriting looked that he would always do a little bit more then what I had asked each time we sat down to work. His favorite part was the dry erase pages in the back. He has it right now in his back pack to take with us on our next camping trip.”

Sheila Quach, Mother of an 8-year-old with Autism Spectrum Disorder, Read More

“Each day, my son works in this notebook and loves it.  He is mastering writing in cursive and I am so grateful for the opportunity to learn about this resource. . . . I am really proud of him.  He has been a boy who previously hated to sit still and write.  But he really is enjoying mastering this skill and I don’t even have to ask him.  He does it all on his own.”

Melinda Weiser, Homeschooling mother, Read More

“After seeing CursiveLogic, I wonder how all of the other boring systems of teaching cursive writing ever survived.”

─ Tim Tinkel, Former educational therapist and father of three boys, Read More

“CursiveLogic is an amazing tool for both students who have never tried cursive and for those (like my boys) who dabbled with is and had poor results in the past. This program is effective, efficient, and affordable.”

─ Linsey Knerl, Mother of five boys, Read More