How is the workbook bound?

CursiveLogic is a landscape workbook with the binding at the top.  That way, the binding never gets in the way of either left- or right-handed writers.

Are some of these pages upside down?

No, they are supposed to be that way!  For the instructional portion, the book flips like a calendar so that the top and bottom pages face the same way and can be viewed together.  But every practice page lies with the binding at the top so that the writer’s wrist is never resting on the binding.

What font or letter style does CursiveLogic use?

During the process of developing CursiveLogic, we worked with Educational Fontware to design the perfect font for the CursiveLogic method.  Some of the key features are the forward-leaning orientation of the letters, the curving ligatures between the letters, and the consistent shape of the letters in each letter group.  The capital letters are simple and not overly ornate.  This font is a wonderful one for beginning cursive learners and will serve them well for their entire writing careers or serve as a jumping off point for learning a more ornate script after achieving cursive mastery.

Where can I purchase the font?

You can purchase the font directly from Educational Fontware here: